When I was born 

I was labeled 

You can’t be that because you are a women 

you can’t be that because you grew up there 

you can’t be smart because you didn’t go to a charter school 

you can’t be smart because your parents never went to college 

you can’t be loved because your dad left 

you can’t be pretty because you aren’t white 

I am pretty, I am smart, I am loved 

I am complex and I beat statistics 


         Maybe my life isn’t the best 

but I’ll give it my best shot 

mill beat the odds so that women of color

do things they thought they never could

and kids in my area

feel inspired to reach for the things they thought we couldn’t accomplish 

inspiration comes from my setbacks and my accomplishments 

They come from the colors of the trees as the seasons change

On my way to the bus stop of a school where

everyone has more money than me

Where the kids don’t need a job

Where they don’t struggle to keep up

I’m okay struggling. 

I really am. I’ll be okay. Beating statistics 

This poem is about: 
My community


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