Statistically Subdued

They say there are 44.5 million of us.

Despite all the good, all I see on the news,

is the rough.

They say death is on the rise but,

so is the list of overactive activists,

determined to get this,

neighborhood back on track,

and we're black.


No one ever asks us.

They run right passed us

and our peaceful protests,

to film the most recent and grotesque,

actions of our kind.

Do you mind?

Getting more acquinted with the prodigies of our proginy.

There's a black anomaly,

who just earned a Bachelors at 13.


I heard blacks struggle with a 72% single mother rate.

What in the world did you just say?!

You exaggerate.

Therefore exacerbate the problem!

Never throughout your slander,

did you suggest how to solve it.

It's infuriating.

We're mostly on welfare and uneducated?!

How are these 'facts' being accumalated?!

Never mind the FACT that for the first time BLACKS have risen above the dust-

settling from the last murderer sentencing.

If anyone is listening!

Our women having the highest percentage,

of college entrances. 

They never mention this.


Right wing news never care to peruse,

through the list of reserves.

The same men you verbally abuse,

are signing up by the millions to serve you,

and your radically racist views.

As long as you continue to spew this statistical drool,

no one will ever see us for who nor what we truly do.

We have been statiscally subdued.

I beesech you,

some positive truths are long overdue.

We need an expose on us.



Sincerly Yours,


'The Excelling Black Youth'


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