Starving Artist

Violent reds swirling

Drowning the pitiful fading white tint

Vibrant crimson clouds shrouding the canvas


Self loathing


A tainted brownish purple explodes and shatters inner thoughts

What am I doing?

Lusterless greens smother the remaining hope

What was once the aquatic hue of the ribbon of sky

Has shrilled and morphed into a somber navy blue

And, in the end, it all fades to black



If i'm not mistaken, this is reffering to the over-clusterization of emotion, and failure of human capacity to withstand it. I really like your use of metaphor, my only constructive criticism is that you could fit more in it. Also, if you're going to use a picture, I recommend an original one, not the first result you see on a google image search for "depression". Aside from that, good shit.

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