Started From The Bottom

I might not have much but ...

I take what I got & make it the best I can be.

I don't accept your apology

because you can't seem to see, the struggle

What it is to come from nothing

To try to evolve into something

Especially in this world of cruelty & hate

More hard with the double standards

I got to ask what is my fate?

Religion or science, which do I believe?

What's real? what's true? I don't want to be deceived.

You're fed with a silver spoon.

I'm from the ghetto, the hood

People say "you'll never be any good"

Music is my release

I wear my heart on my sleeve.

I'm just having fun;

I'm just trying to be free

At least that's until you & society come back to judge me

& make me feel so less like I'm just a smudge, but really? me?

I'm a speck of your ignorance

And everybody praises you for your elegance.

I feel I am the mess up

I have to put a smile on my face when I am down

I AM THE ONE who has to play dress up.

The energy of regret is greater than the energy of progress. 

I'm not apologizing for the pride I feel that comes w/ my success.

But you hate it, don't you?

You hate to see me beautifully smile.

I've been coming up all the while.

Your pain goes an inch compared to my mile

& you refuse to reconcile.

Our differences..

In public..

You try to put us on the same page as if were some sort of equal

As if we deal w/ life equally

But you don't & won't understand

how much having my own means to me.

Have you ever felt so alone

as if you had was just your 206 bones

Or had all the sadness to cry

but not one tear comes to your eye.

I can't let the streets hear me weak

death or jail, innocent or guilty plea

I have a dream yet no ones believes.

I'm saying I can't because I don't even believe in me.

It's a hard knock LIFE!

For me, for we,

Those looked down on by the community.

Looking for the right path

They mock us

like they've been filled w/ laughing gas.

Heart breaking, heart aching.

No. This pain AIN'T staying.

Icy blue hearts are the coldest,

allow mines to turn 

so I can become the boldest

I deserve a chance.

I deserve a chance .

I deserve to be heard

And I will always continue to write

until you can feel my words.


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