The Start of Change

Thu, 02/28/2013 - 18:17 -- Minixd


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My mind cannot be undermined
Only Heightened
How can you try to understand me
You aren’t me
So how can you try to see
See how I tick
Feel what it’s like when I get hit
Why to me are your minds affixed
You are Small in my hand
A groupie to my band
Nothing more than a grain of sand
While I feel happy I fell from the heavens above
Some of you try to destroy the love
But you won’t see me run
Some of you reading this may think my words are inspired by you
That I write because you make me blue
Sorry that’s not the truth
I write from the heart
Just trying to make a mark
Before the world goes dark
Because I can see a future and don’t focus on my past
And that’s the problem with my class
Because to them, the past has to come back and make a splash
They have to bring up dead memories
Dead enemies
So I can never be free
I can never be me

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