The Stars They Shine


United States
42° 12' 59.0688" N, 83° 16' 19.2288" W

The stars they shine, like diamonds in velvet.
So grand and so bright way up in the sky.
A breeze blew by but I barely felt it.
My mind mesmerized by those stars, but why?
Then clouds rolled in and I let out a sigh.
There will be no more stargazing tonight.
I find a place in the darkened field to lie.
I fall asleep, dreaming of the stars so bright.

I waken to the early morning light.
The beautiful sun hides my stars from me.
So all day I wait for that nighttime sight.
I wait, daydreaming under a tree.
Waiting for my beautiful tonight.
Waiting for my stars to light up the night.

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