Starry Night (Poem Inspired by ‘The Starry Night’ Painting by Vincent Van Gogh)

The stars, they sing. They sing a lullaby to the world that helps them fall asleep. I, on this cliff, can see the world closing its eyes. Lights turn off, windows close, doors lock. The stars are an orchestra and the moon their conductor. They sing together in harmony for the families on Earth to sleep to. But where is my family? Why am I listening to this lullaby alone? As I stand on this cliff, looking down at the world, I walk towards the edge. The lullaby gets to me and I start to doze off. My eyes flicker like a broken light. Open… Close… open… close. Standing on this cliff, I fall asleep… and falling with my sleep was my body towards the ground.

 By: Osariemen Notemwanta

This poem is about: 
Our world


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