Standing alone

Standing there alone with no one I can speak to.
Standing there alone, with nowhere to receive any advices.
They think I'm strong as God and smart as Frankenstein, but whoa they are wrong.
I'm dumb as a blonde and I'm weak as marshmallow.
My rate of self-esteem is as low as a 5% low battery.
I'm standing here alone with no one to turn to.
All I want are answers, but I seem to be getting it confuse with my own.
Now, I'm as lost as a puppy.
What to do, what to do? Nothing, but to pray.
But I do nothing, instead I force myself to God (which I think is wrong, because I should go to him willingly) but I don't want to fully be lost without God's word, because he's the only reason why I'm alive Right Now, he's the only reason why I don't fully follow my flesh.


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