Stand Up

The hardest thing to understand is

Why and when and how?

Where is it that we start our lives?

The answer isn’t now.


The answer is you’re always living

Each action and each step

Everything you’ve ever done

I’ve noticed every single breath


From the moment that your people

Oh, so long ago

Decided love was the answer

And your tree started to grow


Of course it sucks but life is tough

Its hard and then it’s done

But its taken so much to make you

Be strong, you are the one


The hero of every book and show

The winner of the race

Don’t waste all that you are

You’ll never be replaced


Never again will it happen

That you will just be you

That all your branches and your leaves

Will grow towards that great blue

That so many many many years

Will work in such persistence

That everything you are and can be

Will come into existence


Don’t do things like they do

Plant in your own garden

They say real poetry doesn’t rhyme

I’ll have to beg your pardon


Don’t let all this bullshit stop you

And quit looking all around

There is nothing out there

Look inside to be found


So, what is it that makes you happy?

And what is happiness?

Getting what you want is lame

No such thing as endless bliss


Happiness is in a second

Or looking back on things

There is nothing that’s forever

You take with you what you bring




This poem is about: 
Our world


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