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Let Me Tell You Something ... !!! My Nerves Are Near .... .... COMBUSTION .... !!!!! Cos' These Days People .... Seem To Think it's Cool ... To PUSH My Buttons ... ?!?
I can see the rain a comin' fire in my eyes I can see the rain a comin'  baby no disquise with you. I can see your face when I'm alseep the words you never said rest heavy on my heart
Alright, enough with this nice girl bullshit It took too long to understand that an open hand can't hold shit 'Cause the more you give, the more they want
Because I love you, I'll forever push you to be the better you.  Because I love you, I'll forever be the ear to absorb your worries.  Because I love you, I'll forever hold your hand to combat your worries.
Things seemed so simple ,  Life , Money , and Happiness could only get better in time. Who would know life had hard times?
Don't Don't push Don't push me I'm falling I don't need you to catch me I don't want to depend on you I'm  I'm tired I'm tired of pain So I'm tired of you But But I
  Win, win, win, all the time, Never mediocre, that won’t do. Be the best, if you’re not, then try harder. Perfection is a choke hold,
You push him down you call her names causing so many frowns and so much shame Why do you need to push and shove is it from greed? or a lack of love?
We had to fight We prayed at night We hurt inside We built with in the pain The discrimination of our name and race
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