The Stair of The Devil


Water laps over my hiking boots

As I ford my way upstream a

Wild highland river

The wind gusts with an exciting promise

Of grandeur just uphill.


Breath heavy

Heart light


A cloudy sky

Just drizzling

A rain hood pushed back

And my face lifted toward the promise of the summit


Clothing dripping

Heart light


A final climb

A middling rock climbed upon

And the world before my eyes


A shinning Highland valley

Lined with dramatic torrs and lochs

A grey sky split

With sun shining on mica laden mountains

The wind fierce and wild

And the clouds at my level


Grin beaming

Heart light

Wings free


This surely is what a dragon must feel like

Looking around I can’t believe

The dazzling wonder

For the wind did not lie


Having climbed the stair of the devil

I am inspired

To go find another stair to summit.


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