Stages Of Letting You Go

First month.

It hits me. I miss you.

Since you left me, my life has changed.

It’s harder to sleep, it’s lonely here, without you.

The house seems so much bigger now.


Second month.

Letting go, it hurts.

It’s still hard to sleep without you.

I am getting used to the silence, I think.

I’m finding myself again, I’ve learnt so much.


Third month.

I’m doing it, I’m letting you go.

I enjoy being alone, for the most part.

The nights are scary without you.

I still miss you; I still want you, but I don’t need you.


Forth month.

I’m doing well, surprisingly.

I’m surviving, I’m living without you.

I do not miss you as much anymore.

I still find it hard to sleep without you.


Fifth Month.

I think, I’ve grown.

I now see you for who you really are,

you’re just as flowed as I am.

I’m still finding myself, but I can live without you.


Eighteen months past.

I’m good.

I don’t need you anymore,

but time will continue to pass by and

 you will still be a part of who I have become.

-- By Aurora Faustini

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