Stage Fright

Sat, 09/05/2020 - 22:27 -- G'nova

I was on the stage 

And I stood there frozen

I tried to open my mouth

But no words were spoken

I had to hold my neck

Cause I thought I was choking 

Turns out I was a boombox

Except it was broken

The glare from the crowd 

Felt like an intense heatwave 

Looking all around 

For the AC that was on replay 

Thought I could play it off 

With a joke that I made

But then I realized 

There was nothing I could say


I just stood on the stage 

Looking at the crowd

As they melt my face

Hoping that this works out

And I’ll be a-okay

Cause living with anxiety 

Left me in emotional state of decay
I’ve been 

In the quivering forest 

I’ve been 

Moving with the trees all my life

I’ve been

Hiding here every single day and night

From the monster that lurks here
Late at night 

But recently
It seems to me
That the beast thats hiding here

Is hiding with me  

We became best friends for history
I call it Stage Fright 

A friend that never leaves


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