Stage Fright


Stony Brook University
United States

Step by step I walk up to my death
All the confidence that was planted in my brain just left
Didn’t even touch the mic and I’m starting to sweat
The lights go out and it like me and what I’m about to say never met
Look into the eyes of the beast and it burned all the courage I had left
My heart goes off like a time bomb just set
Tick!, tick! Tick!, tick! KaBoom!
There goes all the work I could have afford to invest
The bomb went off but yet my palm, forehead and eyes are wet
The beast in loving it I bet
My Legs gave out
Shaking like the biggest earthquake a place could  get
Moving  faster than out of control space jet

I open my mouth but the words plunge to their death
Thinking this has to be the dumbest thing I have done yet
I try to feel what I’m saying but meaning I could not get
I look at the beast again

It’s  like he could feel my pain
I try to speaking again
But my words are in vain
Because they couldn’t stop the rain
Running down my head like there had been a drought
The worst part is my eyes give out when in doubt

My subconscious has given up on me
Eyes closed, ear plugged, brain froze
I feel the sword of failure penetrate my heart
Devour my lung and cut the floor  from beneath me
The weight of the mic too much to hold
Outside I hot and inside is cold
I was falling but not ground to meet
Soon hot lava evaporates all my sweat  
 And there is my defeat




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