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I’m standing up here to tell you that this isn’t easy It’s like not being supported by any ground under your feet I can feel my heart playing jump rope with my vocal cords
When I stood in front of the crowd, I wanted to run, but my voice wavered, my hands shook.   When I stood in front of the crowd, I wanted to cry like I did when I was child,
Step by step I walk up to my deathAll the confidence that was planted in my brain just leftDidn’t even touch the mic and I’m starting to sweat
I suffer, sudden onset of anxiety Whenever the spotlight falls to me   It causes my breath to catch, And words to stick in my throat Desperate to crawl back To the deep recess of my gut
Cold sweat dripping down your neck. keep cool, after this you're next. remember the purpose of why you're present, you can only show your nerves to a cerain extent. bright lights, people's eyes, and shaking bones,
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