Thu, 05/23/2013 - 21:33 -- zone21


United States
37° 49' 16.7196" N, 121° 54' 47.4336" W

Bundled asleep under a blanket of soil,
Anticipating the day to uncoil,
Dreaming of what the future might bring,
Knowing that soon the birds will sing.

Emerging from the ancient earth,
Stretching our arms with mirth,
Shaking off dust and soot,
Thankful for the strong foundation underfoot.

Greeting the warmth with a grateful grin,
Becoming secure in our own skin,
Whipped by the wind, and thrashed by the rain,
Self-acceptance is what we will gain.

Sometimes we are crumpled and bent,
We find our energy is almost spent,
We are still reaching for the vital sun,
But this journey has just begun.


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