Spring is coming



Spring is coming
By Juno Byron
Spring is near!
Near yo'r wise eyes 'nd ear
Earth shall birth thee tree
Above love bright as light
We shall tell a story of glory
One day small and all
Birds and animals and stars-
And sun and rain shall fall again and again
The soil shall smell sweet
Pond and rivers and lakes and dams
Shall swell their tummies
My tongue shall sung and lift
My only one won gift
Spring is near!
Spring is far!
And every star shall sing a Carol
We shall walk on dew
As we count the blessings
And what the sun has done
Our field shall blossoms
Our field shall wither
With healthy fruits
Then look into the sky
Kneel before the hill
And say thank you 'ord
This is a blessing

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Our world
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Great poem. Thank you for reminding me that no matter how awful things get, the earth is still beautiful. 

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