A Split Spectrum

Thu, 01/26/2017 - 22:26 -- Mateos

Crispy weather awakens a slumber within my veins.

The woods dread of the painted ink draped across their shoulders.

My air is stolen from the seeds in the ground so they can grow higher than before.

I know everything I decided is for a good cause greater to destroy

The love and unknown care that made the smiles on everyone else.

People will tend to drive away the negativity that fuels their passions to sync

Between the existance of others dying around them.


There is no use in crying away particles of sand in the crystal hourglass.

One's present is slipped in the cracks

Of a book that reads future at the end.

No one describes one's last moment as a ray of hope or smudged shade.

Maybe, the ultimate blink wasn't the only beat that rang.

A fall leads to a rise that brings flowers to grow.

Could it be? I balanced the life inside to fit another round.

No pain aches underneath the new skin.

Nor the cuts bleed any longer for they are sealed as new.

A shift in time can be easily said,

But deep down I only know

That there is more besides the colors dripping outside.



This poem is about: 
Our world


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