In spite of It All


United States
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Here I stand, 17 years old and hungry
Hungry for success
Hungry for power
Desperate to prove them wrong
They that criticize me
They that don't believe in me
They that whisper, "you'll never make it."
Their words pierce my soul and crush my spirits
What if they're right
What if I don't make it
What if I become another stereotype
Another young girl with big dreams and no actions
Their words echo in my mind
So many hoping for me to fail
So many praying I don't succeed
So many waiting to see me fall
I refuse to give them the satisfaction
I refuse to allow their words to taunt me anymore
I refuse to let them crush my spirits
I refuse to let them belittle me
I refuse to be anything other than successful
In spite of the doors that may close
More will be open
In spite of the hardships I may encounter
I will overcome them
In spite of the naysayers
I will prove them wrong
In spite of the odds that are set against me
I will accomplish my goals
I am determined to be great
In spite of it all

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