Spirited Away

I was once a spoiled child.


Taking everything for granted, I hardly stopped to notice my way of thinking.


Forever complaining,

Hardly thanking.


Until that fateful day where my parents took a short cut.


They hoped to beat the movers,

Instead they changed my way of life.


Caught in a world of spirits,

I tumbled around asking for work,


Bound by contract and under a new name,

I was set to work followed by rules,


Never to complain,

Always thanking.


At first, all I thought of was to free my parents..

To leave and forget.


But later on, I made friends.

True friends.


I never thought how I will have to say goodbye to them when I finished my goals,

But it came sooner than I had time to prepare.


Winning Alu-Baba's game, I set my parents free from their curse.


Saying my goodbyes,

Ignoring how my throat hurt,


I set off without looking back,

As much as I wanted too,

I made a promise


They helped me grow up,

I know I will never forget them as I hold the hair-tie that was made by my friends.


And I also know that I will never forget him.



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