Spiders with armor.


United States
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Keep quiet,
It’s just ignorance and fear; she says.
Well I’m afraid of a lot of things,
You don’t see me limiting them.
Am I powerful?
I can’t shoo a tornado,
But I could squish a spider.
Would I squish that spider?
I’m sure he has enough to live for as I—
That spider can roam freely,
Home to his family, running away.
I can roam freely too,
Yet they still find a way to limit what I say.
That’s too risky,
It’s not worth it.
Aren’t we all allowed to live this way?
Surely Rosa was a spider,
One who wore a vest of armor-
Never to back down from the “ignorant and fearful”.
Don’t get me wrong,
Society has come a long way-
I enjoy sharing water fountains, buses,
And schools.
The music we all create, is what makes me want to say
“I’m glad we’ve at least come this far.”
But can other spiders say the same thing to us?
Are they wearing their own metal armor,
preparing to be heard?
Will we listen?
I believe so-
If not all, then some;
at least it's a break through.
What have we to fear but ourselves?
The only thing we should be ignorant about is our love-
Who we give selflessly to.
We're facing changes we need.
These spiders with armor,
are charging in hopes of becomming like us.
We'll accept them more openly now,
I like this society.

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