Creepy crawlies trample the pillows

Of those who are long lost

Some are visited by grieving whispers

And others still lay where they were first tossed


Smoky fog rises from the ground

Swirling round the markings above their heads

As trees drip their shadows

Over these dirt covered beds


And in a solitary moment

The smoke fades and the world clears

The spiderman is seen sitting

Above the place where life disappears


Somehow, motionlessly, he finds a fly

He encases it in his web of silk

His eyes glimmer as its soul pours out

Cascading in long streams of white milk


After a while he gets bored

With his snacks of beetles and flies

He moves onto bigger prey

Hoping to catch it in his milky ties


But one can’t just wait around

To taste larger flesh

He embarks on the greatest hunt

For meat so tender, so fresh


There is no doubt that he’ll catch it

He always gets his catch

But the spiderman is always hungry

Anyone could be his next snatch


Bodies continue to collect

In the wasteland of dreamless sleep

But the spiderman is always hungry

And your body, he will reap


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