Spider clocks, and broken hearts.

Mon, 06/12/2017 - 18:50 -- Neftee

Time creeps by like a spider.


we are now.

Be still, hold my hand.

We are now, and now is here.

Be here.

In this moment we have nothing else.

As the tears fall,

i fall.

I fall in love all over again.

There is a taint in the world.

Some things we can not fix.

Sometimes we shouldn't try.

Time creeps by like a spider.

Relentless and low down.

We sit in a room filled with emotion

And memories are caught in the light.

They drift through the air like dust.

And they fall on you and me alike.

Our faces face eachother,

Your the only thing I've got.

But time creeps like a spider.

And some day I will not.

So be here, right now.

Now is safe,

We are now.

Time creeps like a spider.

But you are all I want.

Hold my hand, you pretty thing.

You are safe now.

You are here, and now.

Close your eyes to the world ahead.

Open your heart to me.

Be here and be here.

You are all I want.


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