I walk across the hollow deck 

     placing my hand 

         on the railing 

             of the bow

and I gaze 

     across the sea.


I close my eyes 

and breath




The roaring waves calm

    a silent abyss.

Just me and the sea


I call to order the storm 

     and tranquil replies

I speak to life a hurricane 

     and the sea complies 

Too much, too soon.

a salty spray. Blinds my thoughts. 


Panic. Consumes my psyche.

     I forgot the words

         that calm the storm. 

and then, it’s time, 

     I breathe.

         I speak. 

To calm the storm I created. 

     and the sea

          is intrigued. 

The skies clear on my command


When I smile,

    the waves begin to roll once more.

           I breathe. 

My time on board is done.


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