Speech is Speechless

(Ode Poem)


Speech is Speechless

What’s a great way to start a change?

My favorite would be to debate,

Everyone, I bet, can somehow tend to relate,

But it is obviously not as easy as going on a date.


I love stating my mind,

I can say what I want, whenever and however I please,

It’s like opening a lock with a key to your thoughts and beliefs,

Which matter but not everyone knows.


Sometimes I just can’t keep my mouth closed,

I’m just using my right, my right to speak,

It’s only because of the way I think,

Debating just drives me to my peak.


Speech is gorgeous, beautiful,

You would be amazed at its power,

It slowly changes the world every single hour,

From politics, to education, all the way to foreign affairs.


Creatively, I contemplate about it daily,

Speaking in front of an audience is thrilling,

As if you are killing, killing everyone else’s opposing thoughts,

It almost makes me feel guilty, I hope I don’t get caught.


When I speak I tend to get nervous and hot,

But then I remember, today will be a day to remember, everyday is,

Then I get cold, as if it were December,

Sometimes it’s almost as if I get scared.


Will they judge me? Will they not? I will never know,

I could be considered a pro,

I mean, I guess, I should now confess,

Yes, I am amazing at debating.


Anyone can be a beast at creating,

But who can demonstrate, is a true master,

A long as you don’t debate, and after hear laughter,

You spoke your thoughts, your opinion, and yes, it was beautiful.


Remember, Change will start a debate, and that debate will just start change.


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