The Spectrum


United States
42° 38' 0.2904" N, 72° 36' 11.844" W

Unable to learn "properly"
Unable to communicate "properly"
People think it means they are stupid
Or retarded is the word used
Most often nowadays
They think these people
Will never be able to
Hold a real job or to
have a family like the rest of us
It is said by some
That these people
Aren't all there
That they never
Fully developed
I've even hears some say
That they didn't have brains
And that they don't
Deserve to live
All of these things
Are lies. These people
Are some of the most
Brilliant people in the world
They can create things
You could only imagine
In all honesty, these people
Deserve to live more than
Those who spread all those lies.



This poem was inspired by the troubles my little brother and sister have to deal with at school and in life due to people's stupidity and ignorance of autism.

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