That special someone


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dam valentines is already hear for real

cuz i need more then a day to show you how i feel

i remember the first day that we met

u had a ponytail n u was wearin sweats

I thought to myself you look kinda cute

my throne was empty my ex gave me the boot

i wanted suttin new that i could see in you

im not lyk dem otha guys who jus want to be in you

but i wanna be with you

i wanna drink tea with you

or take a walk by the sea with you

they say love is blind...... but i can see with you

....i love you not because you hold my hand

but i love you because you accept me for who i am

and u dnt mind when my feet smell lyk beef

or if my breath stank cuz i aint brush my teeth

or if i stank the room cuz i passed some gas

or if i smack ya butt grl i love dat ass!

cuz to you im still ya baby

even though i drive you crazy

even though i might be lazy

but all u kno u are my daisy......

u are my rose, you are my violet

you can have my love you dont have to buy it

you are my sun flower, you are my tulip,

remember the 1st time i kissed them 2 lips?

And thats why i love you

and thats why I bug you

i wanna kiss hug kiss n hug you.....

this valentine day i jus want to reminisce,

n tell you i love you every 10 minutes...

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