Speak your truth

We all have a voice
But not all of us know how to use it
Some of us hide in he shadows
Waiting, hoping and praying that somebody comes out and speak their story which is similar to yours
Bit that won't make the pain go away because it won't. because you have similar story lines doesn't mean it was all alike

Can hear that?

That's the sound of your heart beating fast
Having Panic Attacks because of the past
Hoping that your new nigga don't treat you like your last
But he turned
Vision starting to come fairly lazy
because your head is pounding which caused you to become dizzy
you're scared not knowing the lord is punishing you for sinning or if the devil is finally winning.
Sleep deprived from staying up all night
A part of you hopes the truth come to the light
While the other part of you hopes that the truth stays hiding in the night
You want to truly mention the facts
Worrying about if they'll bash you because you're black
worrying about if they will or want cut you slack
worrying about what they'll do if you slip and lack
what happens if you step on that crack will you really break your mothers back?

So I just hold it in pretending that that something was really nothing
Pretending that things will go back to how that they were
That feeling of pain will go away
and I'll never have to experience it another day
But it doesn't not because I rarely mention it
but because I can go back and change it it'll all be there forever
But what I can do is not let that event hold a tole on my life in the present or my future?
Is chose to talk about it in my art.
So there that is how I choose to advocate things that I care about or about my self. I put it in a poem or a song.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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