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Ah, that one place back out in the middle of the woods where man has not touched.  Where the animals walk around without a worry in the world, where the winds blows slightly enough to carry the amazing smell of the wild flowers.  A place where a spring flows down in a little valley rose bushes and all kinds of flowers are along the bank. The place you go to let your worries drift away or when you need to just get away from the world. That place where squirrel run around in the tree tops, deers feeding on acorns, and birds singing a happy song.

Leaves drifting across the cold fall floor. My thoughts drift away as the cold winter wind blows all my worries away. All my problems, worries, and responsibilities just seem to disappear. That one place is own you can call you own. That one place is back in my woods. That one place is how i cope with  my everyday life.  The forest is the only place i can be without being judged. It seems like my only escape from the world.  The only place i can get away from all the yelling, swearing, and items being thrown.  Everyone seems to drift away. The amazing feeling of your mind being free and clear. That place is my home that one place back in the woods




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