Speak Up

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These are the words we hear everyday

Yet do nothing about!






When was the last time you heard that come out of his mouth

When was the last time you heard it come out of anyone’s mouth?


I can tell you when

When they want something

When they need something

Or when they are hitting on you hoping to score!






These words I hear on commercials everyday

But why?



It doesn’t have all the types of sexy

All the types of desirable

All the types of hot

And they dame sure don’t have all the types of perfect!


But we watch                                    (Stop)

And don’t speak                               (Speak up)

Don’t cover our ears                       (Cover them up)

Don’t turn it off                                (Throw it away)


 We just wait                                        (Move)


And listen                                            (Ignore)

And watch                                          (Close your eyes)


We don’t speak up for the cause                                              (Speak)

We tell our children you are beautiful                                     (You are)

But don’t tell the producers to show someone else         (Please remove it)


I am so sick of seeing the leggy blonds

The skinny twigs with no meat

Give them a hamburger and let them eat!


You say I have no right to be offended

Because I am small and petit                                       (That’s me)

I am short                                                                     (Get over it)

I have a small waist                                                      (Not my fault)

I have a big chest                                                         (I won’t apologize)

I was born this way

Why should I complain?


Because when was the last time you showed a girl like me on TV

When was the last time you showed a girl who was an 8 on TV

Or how about a 28


Oh I know when                              

And you do too

I don’t have to say it                       (Stop making others feel bad for looking different)


You try and say you are just

But all I say is you are fake                                           (You are fake)

I see what you do to those girls                                    (Photoshop)

No one on TV even looks like themselves


You who approved the ad

Do you

Or do you look like me

Or like you eat some meat


Are you a size 00

Or are you 10?


From 00 to 100

You are beautiful whatever your number                             (You are beautiful)

Because you are not a number                                                  (Not a number)


But you approve it when it gets to the number you think is right                                (Wrong on you)

I’m not afraid to speak the truth but are you


Because at the end of the day I wear that number 5

But that number at the end of the day does not wear me!


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