Speak up, stand tall

be as strong as a brick wall.

Dont let ignorant people, 

drag you down

Go into the world with a smile,

rather than a frown.

Dont listen to the boy in the corner of the room,

who laughs and snickers at everything you do.

Or the girl in the back putting on her lip gloss,

because she swears she has it all.

But she doesn't. 

No one knows that at night she cries because all the other girls think she's fat.

She doesn't eat dinner and when her mom asks why she replies,

I'm not hungry. 

Speak up, stand tall 

you dont have to listen to it all.

We are all soldiers at the end of the day,

so don't listen to what people have to say. 

We are all beautiful.

Just speak up, stand tall. 


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