She walks in with a sparkle in her eyes

Even if she doesnt smile you can see it

That sparkle hides how she really feels

She herself sparkles

Except no one see's her sparkle

No one see's her

She is that girl you walk past,

that girl you have class with,

that girl you barely pay attention to

GO! Catch her sparkle before it dies

He walks in with a grin on his face

Even if he is hurt you will see it

That grin hides the true darkness

He himself is a great grinning face

Except people ignore his grin

People ignore him

He is that boy no one talkes to,

he is the boy who sits quietly in class,

the boy everyone forgets about

WAKE UP! and find his grin before it fades

Both he and she are the kids you think are weird, new, fat,

or ugly, bullied, have a perfect life, aren't worth your time, gay,

or maybe even fags, sluts, the unwanted.

      Go and make a diffrence to a life, before that life ends.

Guide that inspired this poem: 


Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression! 

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