Spaceships And Hot Airballoons


United States
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Do you ever look at space and wonder?

I mean, try and notice the things that made people explore?




The space between you and I
The first time
we kissed

An inch

A t h o u s a n d miles of overthinking

the potential consequences

and whatever the parole officer in your mind allowed your heart to say

but truth cannot be heard

it must be felt

The holy brail of your lips, and if you ever want to search for truth I can tell you

It’s moving closer to her only to grow further from what you know,
A battle with the risks

And you lose control

Because it would hurt more to wonder, than to leap into whatever life brings with the risks

(and you swear you watched your feet before tripping)

Before taking the l e a p from that side of the cliff and slowly filling the space

Until you’ve crossed the sky and with your eyes closed

find that kiss

If you want to know what truth is,

It’s fillingthespace,

a place where crashes of thunder become symphonies, and lightning :flashes of beauty

Each strike her own
Her voice, her touch, her smile, the rush, her laugh, her mind, the beauty, her eyes, her scent, her lips, and that one kiss,

That confirmation

Make seconds feel like forever

We’re tourist in these foreign lands,
Speaking a language of sweet nothings, our hearts rushing, and Iswear time was running just a bit faster
when you said you loved me
when I thought you meant it

butI can’t stand to call myself senseless

I could feel you’re tongue burn when yousaidyouwantedspace


space cannot measure how long my ears hinged when I said okay
space cannot describe how every time I see you, I grip my hands to try occupy what I gave you by letting go

Space …

Is the furthest thing from us

We are not a spaceship
We are a hot air balloon that shape shifts
That, spiraled up in the air, fervently burning

so why try and let go, when we can be that spark in the sky ?
The star that people find in the darkest places?

Truth is found in the quiet, all else is poor translation

So I’ll look at you in the eyes (you don’t have to close them)

And ask you

In the silence

With these two lips

Do you ever look at the space and wonder?
I mean what made us explore?


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