Space Found Love

Mon, 02/10/2014 - 16:45 -- Kyxster
It's something about the way you smile
As if these nights truly are worth my while 
Where the stars shine into your face
And the moon glows around our embrace 
It's something about the twinkle in your eyes 
That tickle me deep down, I smile
But that's not the end that's not the case
So as I travel throughout the world
To explain to you how I feel; I,a woman, a girl 
Realizes there is no rush, there's no haste
So as I look to the sun
Knowing my explanation of love has just begun
I take my time no need to race
Because love grows every day
Through emotions and through what we say
So with my love you shall be graced
I close my eyes
And travel for miles
Into the unknown, better know as space 
Searching for someway to explain 
The way you manipulate me to become insane 
You played your hidden ace
But that left me wanting more
Because life was once a bore
So now I continue to scavenge through space 
But I realize there's nothing for me out here
So I return to earth because you are there
Letting go of my travels and this case
And as the stars fall around me
I wish and force myself to breathe 
Even if I'm lost in this fallen star race 
Because all of nature agrees
That you belong with me
I hold onto you with all of my might
Afraid if I let you go you'd disappear on this moon blessed night 


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