It's amazing to me; the fact that there is so much unexplored, unlearned and unkown is mesmorizing for someone who wants to take in as much as they can before they're gone. Black holes astound me, and the fact that no one can answer me with certainty to tell me what happens when you enter one drives me even more to become an astronaut and be the idiot on the spaceship that see's one and says "Hey lets go check that out, just you know... see what happens." Being an astronaut seems like the perfect ideal, minus the part where I would have to be part of a team; I was never one to work well with others. I would much rather find a way to fly up on my own and swim around in the limitless. Be one with something nobody can begin to fully understand and feel the nothingness that I am compared to something greater than anything imaginable. I'd fly to the moon; probably stay there too because once I make it there's no way in hell I would come back to earth. Who needs oxygen when it comes with the hatred and cruelty of the people you share it with? I could be happy alone with the moon. God knows I talk to it more than any actual person. It could be nice, if only for a few hours until my oxygen tank runs out. That being said, If I only had a few hours left and I was already in space, I would definitely find myself a black hole and explore the shit out of it! Maybe I'd die, maybe I'd be transported through space to another beautiful galaxy, Who the hell knows? But I would know, I would finally know!


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