The Source of My Happiness

Living on this Earth I realized life can be tough, 

I try my best to overcome obstacles, but sometimes my "best" isn't enough.

I try to remain positive and tell myself I'll prevail,

but instead, the very opposite happens, and once again, I fail.

And although these certain instances can leave me quite depressed for a while,

it is not long before I'm feelin' good and my face brightens with a smile. 

But not because I'm bipolar or because I can easily forget my failure,

but because I am once again reminded of the works of my Savior. 

I begin to reflect on His promises, His word, and what he does,

and my happiness returns to me as I am encompassed by His love.

Some people might find joy in food, music, money or their pets,

but I believe the joy that I find in the Lord is ultimately the best. 

Sometimes things don't work out like I wanted or exactly how I planned, 

but I am then happy because the problem is now in His hands!

So whenever I'm feeling discouraged, upset, or broken down,

I look to my Father for happiness because I know He'll turn it around!


Written by: Alesia S.





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