Sour Patch


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Mama always used to say live within the present,
To maintain myself strong,
To love the past, but just forget it,
A taste of history,
Can't last within my teeth.
You're the candy I've been chewing for as long as I remember,
It started out so sweet,
So soft, and just when it got tender,
The flavor starts to fade,
Along with your parade,
Of spiked roses with confetti thrown straight into my eyes,
It stung a little bit,
But hey, we all have to cry,
At least once in our life,
Although for you, it's my sixth time.
Don't worry 'cause a guy like you really isn't worth it,
I'll spit you right back out,
Onto the wrapper in my pocket,
I dont want cavities,
From chewing artificial candy.
I came to notice that the sugarcoated melts tomorrow,
It's a temporary liking,
Well that's about all that I do know,
But for now my lesson learned,
Is to choose better candy on my next turn.

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Hope all of you can relate to this. I'm pretty sure we all can, unless we just have pocketfuls of luck.


Dear alalou101:


Your tone of poem reminds me of Edna St. Vincent Millay's poem



I Shall Forget You Presently, My Dear


I shall forget you presently, my dear,

So make the most of this, your little day,

Your little month, your little half a year,

Ere I forget, or die, or move away,

And we are done forever; by and by

I shall forget you, as I said, but now,

If you entreat me with your loveliest lie

I will protest you with my favorite vow.


I would indeed that love were longer-lived,

And oaths were not so brittle as they are,

But so it is, and nature has contrived

To struggle on without a break thus far,—

Whether or not we find what we are seeking

Is idle, biologically speaking.


Edna St. Vincent Millay


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