Sounds Inside My Head

Sun, 07/30/2017 - 15:26 -- DMP800

I'm writing, recording, hustling trying to get paid.
My future brighter than the sun no wonder why they throw shade.
I am my own person.
Still trying to find myself because I'm not certain,
of who I am.
I once thought another druggie is who I am.
Trying to stop the drugs
might as well kill the plug,
that's one way I can pull the plug
or I'll blast my brains with the 32 slug.
They stay hatin',
but why they hate and they stay imitating.
I'm trying to blow up, but I'm bout to lose my patience.
Bringing in big bills like a bankroll statement.
At the club spending my last savings.
This another rap about myself.
Finding the true me no help from no one else.
It's a big blur in my head.
Some of my thoughts I misread.
It's funny how you can be alive and still feel so dead.
No religion, but I still break my bread.
Because the bread is the body and skin right?
Well I guess I break bread almost every night.
It's slice after slice with the knife.
Losing blood until I'm white like the hair of Betty White.
This is just some more deep shit,
but deep shit for deep people I didn't expect you to get it.
Life is hard, all you can do is live one day at a time.
Because one day you'll be outta time.
So live it to fullest because that's how I live mine.
Confusing right?
How can I go from almost losing my life to living it right?
It's just me living this happy bipolar miserable life.
Positive and negative things all around me.
But I don't know which ones are potentially trying to drown me.
I just can hope to keep up my boundary.
This was the sounds from inside my head.
I have many more but too much has already been said.
So I think it's time to just pull the plug
or blast my brains with the 32 slug.
Those are a couple of ways I'll end up dead.

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