You said to me,

"I feel like we've been good friends for a couple of years at least."

Honey we haven't even known each other

1 year.

You say you don't believe in soulmates, that everyone has 


I said to you,

"I've known you my whole life," "There's a reason why we met."

I've always been attracted to dark curly hair and brown eyes,

like those traits are a magnet.

I say I believe in soulmates, and you are 


You find and lose lovers like I use stickers.

It only took you 2 serious ones to start thinking about if I was your one.

I've known you were mine for the longest time.

Since I was young I always said, 

"I bet my soulmate lives on the other side of the world."

And you live on the exact opposite side.

I loved and I tried and I stayed and I


for you to come back to me.

And when you did and you found me here,


with open arms,

you were surprised I didn't curse you out,

or leave,

or block you.

You were surprised that I was still here,


loving you.

I said you were my soulmate,

and honey,

I meant it.

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