Sorry for not being sorry


Sorry America 

Sorry that I am black

Sorry that I wear hoodie jackets

Sorry for eating skittles

Sorry for drinkig Arizona Teas

Sorry for walking home

Sorry for being suspect

Sorry for running

Sorry for you shooting me

Sorry for causing controversy on television

Sorry for gaining acknowledgment from my people

Sorry for wanting justice

Sorry America for being everything you believe I am 


I'm sorry America for not being sorry

Injustice is a worldwide crime

Not a "black thing"

All I want is for my people to take whats theirs .. 

Take what we built 

Take what the man calls their own

When in reality its all derived from the black man

The same black man who aint "shit"

Well the many years you've claim us aint shit

When in actuality were the best, beautiful souls to ever walk these soils


 I'm not going anywhere. 

I've walked these worlds for millions of years

And I will continue 

Making my presence known

Showing you who the real Kings and Queens are 


I promise you will start seeing much more of me

Ima stop the strikes and petitions

Why? Cause that's a waste of time

Why do that when I could just hit you where it really hurts .. your pockets

I mean, it's time for you to feel some of my pain

 It's now your turn to be the target

Sorry America .. for not being sorry


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Our world
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