Sorry Means Nothing..

Tue, 04/03/2018 - 12:42 -- Starboy

 They say sorry. 

   They say sorry...

They say sorry


They always say they are so sorry. Even when it's not there fault. 

Even if they don't mean it. 

  Sorry is the poision in my viens. 

My airways close to the sounds of sorry's when I tell people I was Raped.

  They say sorry like it has some meaning, 

Like sorry will change the past

  Like Sorry will take away memories that I no longer need.

  Like sorry will find it's way into me like her hand.

 Like Sorry will find me a theripist.

Like sorry will end my pain. 

   But news flash! 

   It doesn't. 

It dosen't save me, help me, change me. 

  It's a word with no more meaning and maybe i say this because I've been hearing this for too long.

    And maybe it's because my life life just feels like the word sorry.

        I'm Sorry. 


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Our world


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