Sorry I let Go

I tried to hold on sorry I let go, lost my grip hand slipped then I lost all control
Anger embarrassed me and it got the best of me
One minute im yelling then they arresting me, to the pin mug shot orange suit and these flip flops
They promised me five no parole no bail, but how much time did I get only time will tell
who knew my future was rott'in in a jail, that my flame would go out cool'in in a cell.
Girl you knew me betta than I do, if I hurt ya you know I didn't try to
but when we argue, throw'in blames, call'in names
Got more intense then Ben Carson on the twins brains, brains stuck on all the blood stains
yeah I remember all the bad things, you say it don't cause you pain
..........that's why they call it MYgraine

This poem is about: 
My family
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I really want this scholarship, hopefully you can tell by the effort I gave.

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