We learn from lessons life teaches us each day.
Indeed, that wasn't my day
I offended and hurt you deep in your heart.

Sorry is what I have to say,
Because I don't know what to actually say.
I have always been there for you
That tells you how much I care.

Sorry for hurting and causing you pain.
I am guilty of what ever happened
I didn't mean to hurt you bad.
My actions have indeed caused you so much.

Forgiveness will have No meaning if there isn't a 'Sorry.'
Sorry I made you cry
Give me a second chance.

Sorry I made you doubt my love for you.
But I promise it won't occur again.
My life has changed since you left
Leaving me in a very deplorable state of being.

Forgiveness is all I ask.
Because life will be difficult without you.
I simply can't concentrate without talking to you.
I am so sorry I hurt you!


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