Sorrow Doesn't Live Here Anymore

I was too young to understand, what God had in store

I had never experienced, such pain before

He snatched you from this earth, in what fett like minutes

A true bond taken away, and we had just began it

I didn't value our time spent, the way I really should've

I didn't hug you so often, now I wish I coud've

No prom, graduation, or decorating my dorm

No more holidays, my wedding, or my first born

But I'm tired of regretting, what we didn't do

Instead I want to cherish the moments that I had wih you

My first concert, pedicure, and football game

Church twice a week and our movie days

I will never forget all you've done for me

I will always treausre our memories

I love you, I love you, down to my core

And I promise you sorrow doesn't live here anymore



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