A Son's Love


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So many days, so many nights

You’re always on my mind, making me feel throughout it all, it’s going to be alright

So many thoughts in my head, the reasons I stress

But with you by my side and God in my heart, I know I will see success

Doesn’t matter how many times life hits me in the face, with you by my side I know I am blessed

The things I’ve learned from you, the things I have yet to go through

They all run through my mind as well as so much more, a never-ending breakthrough

Thinking about my past, thinking about my future, I don’t care what happens as long as I’m with you

If I tell you “thank you” a thousand times, it won’t add up to all you’ve done

I’m determined to make up for every Mother’s Day & birthday; every single one

Mind-boggling, mind-bending…it still astounds me ‘til this day

From all the things we’ve been through, to the times we’ve been tested, this proves it works to pray

We’ve been through a lot, the good and the bad

There will be times of trouble, and then there will be times of grace; there will be times we’re happy,

and then there will be times we’re sad

But no matter what happens, we’ll still have each other & God will be with us

No matter what happens, we know who to trust

Happy Mother’s Day, Mommy, I love you

This is a beautiful day that the Lord has made & you are the best mommy, just as my best favorite

color is blue

Do your best to enjoy this day, as well I

We’ll just continue to pray and have faith, waiting for blessings to pass us by.


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