Sonnet #1


United States
41° 13' 38.6724" N, 81° 38' 10.9932" W

Changéd have I been since the dawn of the year

These new thoughts, these new words, have changéd me.

From “I will obey the spirit” to “cried like a

Baby” to “tomorrow tomorrow” indeed

Have changéd me, my soul, my thoughts, my heart.

Augustine strengthened me, Luther open’d mine eyes,

Mill resounded in me, Dante showed me

How not to get fried. Bright green wings seem things

To be made aright. New sounds now leave me

Wanting more, only to be reminded

That time is passing. My crookéd heart has been

Open’d, my desire for truth grows in my mind.

Eternity have I glimps’d in these walls.

I’ll love this world while this deep river runs on.

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Lesiba the poet

Love the use of allusions

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