Song Poetry

As the darkness began to drift apart
I felt I could well sing my poetic song
How glad that that now I can stand
and frame my factual feel
All I wanted to say has gone astray
Who can pain for the soul I am
Who can stand the drum sound
in my head
Who can experience emotions
my abdomen exhale
I am not hard to teach
not hard to climb
My canals are always longing
for open calabashes
My eyes attract million stars
to the thunder flashed waters
My tears transparent on my
neutral cheeks
I don't want to be remembered
by a big mouth but by my
iindegeneou thoughts
I can never be a philosopher
I can heal the pain
It was the rivers that raised my hope
when the sun rose on a gentle slope
I am a son of a rock and stone
All they had were scratches and wound
All they felt were storms and flood
above their souls
When the stone rolled in pain
I had to be an heir of this brave
I will make my best to brush the shame
so my succesor's feet won't be related
to thorn pain
My life began on my first breath
I wish I could hear my first cry
The striking smile I had
This is not the beginning
of a long sweet journery
In the darkness
I will gleam
On the oceans
I will float
then my soul will fly so free
to the clouds of improvement
Here is my hand I will hold on the branches
until I reach the tree high
My black tone can never be wiped
It will stand
Do you understand
I will stand

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Poetic Bhe

Poetry is my life,those who have healed help others to heal.

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