Somewhere very close, or somewhere very far, my mother is buying me lots of clothes, and my father is cleaning the table bars.

Somewhere at their house, which is their palace nearby where its front gates on the right side are kept safe by one brave, true guard, my mother is straightening up her husband’s tie and my father outside is cleaning his garden and my backyard. On March 20th, 1999, which is the day of their marriage, 9 years ago before I was born on March 4th, 2008, they used to be pretty, young, and smart, and always collected lots of neat things like ashtrays and art. They used to be good, as I transparently see, and their one dream was that they’ll never give up on me. So somewhere all hidden by the grey sky, and somewhere eternally written shining before I knew why.My mother and father will be here calling me, “Honey.” by a powerful stare somewhere. My father pays off all of his debts and reads and my mother and I are apparently crooks; however, she just bought me sets of friendship books! Sometimes, she and her husband are so strict as straight as a single file line, but at the end of my conflict, I’ll feel well and fine. So somewhere underneath the greatest darkness when I breathe to cool my greatest enemy, Fear, down to regain my happiness. My mother and father will forevermore call me, “Honey.” when one of them pick me up home from school besides my mother’s mother, my grandmother, carrying me up high in the air somewhere.

This poem is about: 
My family
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It teaches me that I have several thoughts about my parents.

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