Sometimes I think it’s

Tue, 06/03/2014 - 21:41 -- DevS98


Sometimes I think it’s hard being fifteen

Try to be cool, come off as too mean

Even when you’re nice,

Not many think twice, they call you fake

They say you make up everything you say or say you make

“It’s an awkward stage needed to grow”

Yea, I know!

But sometimes I feel like it moves too damn slow

Like Hello???

When am I gonna physically grow?

It’d be nice to have a shape

But everything gotta mature

So I’m stuck here to wait.

Sarcasm has become my best friend,

At times my only real friend till the end.

The latest magazines have become my worst enemy,

They show off girls around my age but they are all too pretty,

Too clean

Damn, sometimes I think it’ hard being fifteen

My parents don’t get it, they’re real traditional you see.

So they always shoot me down whenever I try to be the real me.

Or at least that’s what I see

All the commands get too much to unlink,

To check behind for the meaning behind it,

At this age, I probably won’t find it.

In between no longer a kid but between the age of a real teen,

Too far behind eighteen, the age I can only wish to be,

At least that’s what I think

Maybe its just me.

Gosh, it’s stupid being fifteen.

Got them hormones to control,

Stress takes a toll,

My daily routine is literally a role:

Wake up, school, homework…Party! Not.

I don’t want to get old but I’m done being young,

I wanna live my teen years to the fullest and actually have real fun.

Being in between fourteen and sixteen…well I can’t just lean

Especially since this stage is all about being in scene.

We try to say we aren’t followers,

Yet the followers of unfollowers we are,

A contradiction in itself.

It ain’t nothing but  another age to my shelf,

But that don’t mean I have to LIKE being fifteen.


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