sometimes I

Sometimes I feel like an alien on earth, always felt different, practically since birth. Sometimes I feel like I don't fit in, so most things I do I end up quitting. Sometimes I feel so ugly, like pretty was made for everyone but me. Sometimes I cry, my mind won't stop asking why, the tears cannot be disguised that fall from my eyes, and my hands never stop trying to dry them. Sometimes I want to be left alone, so I turn off the phone, and enter my own zone, so no one will have to hear me moan and groan. Sometimes I feel stressed out, depressed no doubt, because of the constant stare, of the men looking at my deriere, or the women with that mean glare, so tiring, as they're admiring my hair, the thickness of my lips, the curve in my hips. Sometimes I look around and notice I'm special, intellectual, a sight to see because God didn't make no other like He made me!

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never hold back, pick-up all slack, and watch your monery stack.

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